Virtual Excursions with Fizzics Education

Multi-award-winning virtual programs by Fizzics Education are available to all students to keep up student enthusiasm & enrichment in these unprecedented times. These virtual excursions are available to your school now, no matter your location across Australia and the world.

Liquid Nitrogen Video Conference

Fizzics Education has been running live virtual classes with students since 2011. Their programs are highly interactive distance lessons by highly experienced distance educators including:

  • Direct curriculum links
  • Live classes; students can question & answer our educators and participate in experiments using household materials
  • Pre, during and post virtual excursion lesson notes for both teachers and students.
  • A list of inexpensive materials that students can have on-hand during the lesson.
  • Option to use Flipgrid to help students discuss the content further
  • Simple connection, one click and you’re in!
  • All supported by over 150 FREE experiments, student podcasts and more

We know that this may not be part of your scope and sequence yet, however these virtual excursions are a direct solution for keeping students focused and connected with the online content that you are preparing.

Contact Fizzics Education now to find out more and secure your booking!

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