SciFest is a online learning festival promoting science and technology. SciFest links up with National Science week and is held in August. National Science Week is an annual celebration of science in Australia. Each year we aim to be the biggest virtual excursions festival in Australia with content from over 20 organisations.

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Join in with SciFest and National Science Week to enjoy and explore the wonders and benefits of science. 

You can find more National Science week events on the website.

There will be a variety of activities for students and teachers throughout August. This means there will be something to interest every student.  Students will get a chance to:

  • Speak to a scientist
  • Investigate animals
  • Explore the earth
  • Delve into DNA

This festival of online learning provides an opportunity for you and your students to connect with exciting science, experts and experiments without leaving your classroom. SciFest topics, dates and times will vary throughout the festival to provide variety and flexibility for your students.

Bookings and topics are available at DART learning. Simply search SciFest to see all the exciting events from organisations across Australia.

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