Interactive Technology in Education Conference

Hosted by Sydney Opera House and supported by Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet), ITEC features national and international educators, innovators, researchers and industry leaders in the field of interactive and real-time technologies and techniques. Presentations will focus on technologies and programs that facilitate the delivery of rich content and the sharing of expertise and experiences across the network and directly into places of learning.

Senator Kate Lundy and Virtual Excursions Australia content providers

The term ‘Interactive Technology’ is inclusive of a range of content, collaboration and remote instrumentation platforms such as Telepresence, High Definition Video Conferencing, Remote Labs, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Software Services and Tactile Toolsets.

These technologies are evolving rapidly and their innovative application in the learning context provides adventurous new and real world avenues for discovery, exploration and collective knowledge construction.

This conference provides an opportunity for cultural institutions, libraries, museums, galleries technology partners, policy makers and educational practitioners to come together to listen, talk and learn in a national forum.


Senator Kate Lundy and Virtual Excursions Australia content providers.

This conference will be of interest to:

Content Providers, Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Cultural Institutions. ITEC is an excellent opportunity to hear from both national and international communities about interactive program design, implementation, assessment, best practices and classroom engagement.

Schools, Teachers, and Classroom Practitioners. Learn about interactive curriculum resources from the content experts, how you can access them for your students, and enriched learning opportunities that are student led. Day 2 of the program is targeted at classroom practitioners and will provide strategies, resources and opportunities to hear from other teachers about their classroom experiences.

Higher Education. Outreach is an excellent opportunity to reach future students and let them know what your University can offer. The top six Universities in the world offer education outreach to K-12 via rich interactive collaboration services. This is a great conference for your Teaching and Learning faculty to learn more.

Government or Enterprise Business. Organisations that have an education outreach mission and are interested in reaching education providers across Australia.

For enquiries, further information or to join the ITEC mailing list, contact the Sydney Opera House – (02) 9250 7142,

Find out more see the ITEC website

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