Best practice in engaging audiences

Engaging your community with your STEAM event involves far more than watching a talking head. Learn how to make the most of your resources and talent. Discover the best ways to actively engage your audience and appropriately target online programs that community audiences will want to participate in.

Download the Best Practice in Engaging Audiences training manual

Best practice in engaging audiences with Jacque Benitez, Education Specialist for the California Academy of Sciences’ distance learning program.

Join Heather Catchpole and Bridget Murphy presenting a case study of the ANSTO Virtual Tour during the Best practice in engaging audiences training session.

Best practice in engaging audiences training. Dr Sam Illingworth is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of Western Australia.

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Best practice engaging audiences: Thursday 14 May

Best practice engaging audiences: Tuesday 19 May

You also have full access to the Inspiring Australia Virtual Excursions training content for module 1 and 3 with the links below.

Web Conferencing 101 Essentials
Learn from Australia’s expert science engagement practitioners on getting your setup, technology and fail safe practice. Discover how to set up and deliver your event or program online, meeting security needs, what to avoid and how to create a professional, successful, engaging session for your audience.

Partnering for Impact
Extend the reach of your online program beyond your own community by partnering and finding creative ways to promote what you are offering. Think big as you identify how to deliver maximum value to your audience. The pandemic lockdown has seen some incredible innovations, from facetime portraiture to global art challenges and couch choirs. Develop your ideas and learn from other successful programs, discover what works best in bringing big events online to life.

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