SciFest 2013

SciFest Video Conferencing Festival

SciFest is a video conferencing festival promoting science and technology. SciFest links up with National Science week and in 2013 we aim to be the biggest video conferencing festival in Australia.

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science in Australia. Join in to enjoy and explore the wonders and benefits of science.  The 2013 National Science Week theme for schools is A Century of Australian Science. You can find more National Science week events on the website at


Carl Bento © Australian Museum
Carl Bento © Australian Museum


There will be a variety of activities for students and teachers across the 5 day video conferencing festival. This means there will be something to interest every student.  See below for some of the great sessions available:

SciFest – Meet the Experts
Date: 5 – 9 August 14:00
Australian Museum is bringing our scientists to you! Meet the Experts aims to provide quality science education and research resources. This is your chance to come face to face with an Australian Scientist

SciFest: Creative chemistry workshop for primary students
Date: 5 August 12.00 & 14.00
Designed to cover a broad range of chemical concepts that is accessible to primary students.- kitchen chemistry found at home- physical changes vs. chemical reactions

SciFest: K – 2 Science in Art
Date: 5 August 9:30am & 10.30am
Explore chemistry in colourful art creations you can make in your class! Your class participates in a number of activities as a series of group activities run in class

SciFest: Primary PD Session – Simple science experiments for Staff Development
Date: 5 August 15:30

The presenter will cover simple ways to demonstrate forces, light, sound and chemistry in your primary classroom. A strong focus is on using cheap materials easily obtainable materials

SciFest – Bugwise
Date: 6 & 7 August Time: 10:00, Date: 8 August Time: 13.00

Bugwise explores the exciting and diverse world of invertebrates. Students will learn how to identify common groups of invertebrates and why they are important.

SciFest – Explosive Geology
Date: 6 & 7 August Time: 11:30
The Video conference will look at the dynamic earth forming processes. There will be explosive experiments demonstrated.

SciFest – Life in Freshwater
Date 6 August Time: 13:00, Date: 8 August Time: 11.30
Overview: Overview: Life in Freshwater provides a glimpse into life in freshwater. You will find out how to use water quality collecting and testing equipment and we will look how we impact our water ways and w…

SciFest: Light & Colour Show
Date: 6 August Time: 09:30, 10:30 &12:00
Students learn about properties of light in this fun interactive science show- Investigate rainbows using the visible light spectrum, plus learn about colour addition and subtraction.

SciFest – Snail, Slugs and Slime
Date: 7 August Time: 13:00, Date: 8 August Time: 10.00
We encounter Slime in our environment everyday. Some animals use slime for movement, others for protection, to catch food and to keep their skin hydrated.

SciFest – The Wonderful World of Fishing
Date: 9 August Time: 11:00
Learn all about professional fishing and the NSW seafood industry from those who know it best. Join 4th generation Sydney fisherman Richie Bagnato and OceanWatch Chairman Brad Warren

SciFest: Science of Sound
Date 9 August Time: 09:30, 10.30
What do sound waves look like? Do soundwaves always travel at the same speed? How does the Doppler effect work? What is resonance? How does a soundwave change with pitch and increasing volume?

SciFest Science Week Slam – narrative writing with Paul Stafford
Date 16 August Time: 09:30 & 11.00
Use science as a springboard for ideas to write fast, ferocious and fun narratives. The Scattered Bones team with author and literacy consultant Paul Stafford will present a one-off workshop

SciFest topics and programs will vary over the 5 day to provide flexibility. Bookings are available at DART connections 

SciFest event is proudly supported by Virtual Excursions Australia.

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