SciFest 2020

SciFest is a great opportunity to engage your students in a variety of Live, By Request or On Demand science workshops and events. SciFest aligns with National Science week in August and is a virtual excursions festival promoting science and technology. Join some of Australia’s best science presenters for this dynamic month of science.

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Australian National Maritime Museum

Julianna works on finding out more about the activity patterns of the Port Jackson shark using bio-loggers like accelerometers that function like Fitbits-but for sharks. 

The Fish Lab also completes studies on individual variation (sharks have personalities!), social networks (sharks have friends!), metabolic rates, spatial navigation and olfaction (navigation and smell), learning, warming ocean climates and laterality (left and right ‘handedness’). 

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State Library NSW

To celebrate National Science Week 2020, join us for a deep dive into the oceans and ice-scapes of Antarctica. In this interactive online excursion, students will explore the library’s world-famous Antarctica collection to discover what the Antarctic environment is like and how this influences humans’ interaction with it. Students use design thinking to create their own adaptation for survival, examine the real-world solutions of explorers and scientists and determine how sustainability relates to the human impact on Antarctica.

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Super Science Showcase

SciFest will launch in 2020 with the Super Science Showcase. Join some of Australia’s best science presenters for this dynamic science showcase.

The SciFest Virtual Excursion festival occurs each year in August and provides a great link to National Science Week.

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Sydney Science Education

My Journey Beneath the Waves: Diving Sydney’s Rocky Reefs takes you and your students on an exploration of the marine environment. The temperate waters around Sydney are home to a variety of habitats including kelp beds and sponge gardens. These are wonderful place to dive and discover the diversity of animals that live there.

I will share some of my favourite diving stories with you and highlight the amazing animals that live in Sydney Rocky Reefs.

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T4L: Technology 4 Learning

T4L has a range of programs for SciFest 2020. Join their team of STEM experts to explore the connections between the design process and STEM tools in the classroom! Discover a range of STEM tools to support your students acheive your STEM and digital technology outcomes. 

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