Algae Innovation Challenge

Innovating with biology for a sustainable future

The ‘Algae Innovation Challenge’ introduces students to algae, one of Earth’s most ancient, adaptive and resourceful organisms, which scientists and innovators are harnessing with technology to meet the sustainability challenges of the 21st century.

The Challenge will develop students’ team-work, creative and scientific thinking, presenting and entrepreneurial skills vital for equipping the next generation of changemakers to reimagine ‘business as usual’ and build tomorrow’s green solutions, today.

Graphic for the Algae Innovation Challenge

Challenge Question

How can we grow a greener future with algae?

Design a product or a process, using algae, that makes an existing product or process more sustainable.

Students had access to additional NSW Stage 4/5 Science curriculum-mapped resources. These additional resources allowed for self-directed or teacher-led learning for students to dig deeper.

The New South Wales Deep Green Biotech Hub (DGBH), located at the University of Technology Sydney, is supported by the NSW Government through the Boosting Business Innovation Program (BBIP). DGBH brings together researchers, SMEs, industry, start-ups, students and other stakeholders to propel NSW to the forefront of algae-based biotechnology innovation in Australia.