Special Event

Earth Science Week 2021 is on between 11 – 15 of October 2021. Earth Science Week offers opportunities to discover more about Earth sciences and engage in fun programs for your students in the classroom or learning from home.  Check out the recordings from the special event.

Tuesday 12 October AEDT

Earthquake ExcitementGeoscience Australia
Introduction to DinosaursAustralian Age of Dinosaurs
Life on EarthAustralian Environmental Education
Working with WaterFizzics Education
Embedding Earth Science into your classroomTeachers Professional Development

Earthquake Excitement

Did you feel the earthquake that shook south eastern Australia? What makes the earth rumble and how do we measure and record earthquakes? Where do they happen and what does this tell us about our planet?

Join Geoscience Australia educators in discussing these questions and more in our virtual excursion Earthquake Excitement. 

Australian Dinosaurs

Do you what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? Have you ever wondered what kinds of dinosaurs are found in Australia? Discover the answers to these questions and why difference places have different fossils. Join the Australian Age of Dinosaurs for an introduction to Australian Dinosaurs.

Life on Earth

Take a journey back in time to the beginning of the Earth, 4.6 Billion Years ago. We will explore the changes to the earth over time and the evolution of life. How did the 5 Mass extinction events shape the variety of Life on Earth we have today? Join Australian Environmental Education to explore Australian fossil sites and what they tell us about the past.

Working with Water

Water, water everywhere! , investigate water chemistry, learn a ‘magic’ ice trick and more. Participants will explore:

  • sinking and floating
  • surface tension & pressure
  • fair testing

Join Fizzics Education to investigate water’s strange properties in this workshop on nature’s most precious resource.

Professional Development with Geoscience

Join Geoscience Australia for a discussion of how best you can embed earth science into your lessons. The panellists will discuss ways of embedding earth science into your classroom.


  • Geoscience Australia
  • Fizzics Education
  • Australian Environmental Education
  • Sydney Olympic Park

This special event is brought to you free of charge, funded by NSW Department of Education, DART Learning and Learning from Home

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