Australian Museum

The Australian Museum has been inspiring exploration of nature and culture for more than 190 years. Our mission is to be a leading voice for the richness of life, the earth, and culture in Australian and the Pacific. We are a dynamic source of reliable scientific information and a touchstone for informed debate about some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges facing our region: the loss of biodiversity, a changing climate and the search for cultural identity.

Underpinning our research is an irreplaceable collection of international standing – more than 21 million objects representing a timeline of the environmental and cultural histories of the Australian and Pacific regions.

Our collection holds many artefacts from Indigenous Australia and the Pacific, a record of human diversity and a living wellspring for regional cultural diversity. It contains unique fossils, minerals, meteorites and gemstones that provide a geological perspective of the plant. It houses representative specimens of native Australian mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and countless invertebrates that tell many stories about our unique wildlife.

Our education programs and resources spark curiosity, develop scientific understanding and enhance cultural awareness in students of all ages.

Virtual excursions

Virtual excursions provide a fantastic opportunity to have your schools link-up with our vast collections and Museum educators, offering interactive learning anywhere and everywhere.

Education in the classroom

Access our suite of lesson sequences and activities to fit within a unit of work, curriculum topic or be delivered as stand-alone lessons.

Collection objects in 3D

See some of our rare and unique natural science and cultural collection objects with photogrammetry 3D capture.

Our video conferences are focused around exploring nature and culture.

CONTACT: Daniel Traub

PHONE: 02 9320 6222




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