Australian Environmental Education

Virtual Excursions can be used to create unique learning experiences for students of all ages. Australian Environmental Education offers a range of virtual excursions specialising in Earth and Environmental Science. These hands on, interactive workshops are designed to inspire your students about the natural world.

Since 2001, I have designed and delivered innovative programs for schools across New South Wales  and Australia. Over the last 20 years I have become a leading expert on using digital technologies especially video conferencing to deliver quality learning experiences in schools. 

Find out how you can participate in live, interactive video conference sessions. This enables your students to ask questions and really be involved in their online learning. Keep an eye out for special live and interactive sessions on the DART Connections website and Virtual Excursions Australia. You can also request a session to fit into your timetable.

Virtual Excursions topics include:

  • Ancient Australian Animals
  • Focus on Frogs
  • Life on Earth
  • My Journey Beneath the Waves
  • What’s in your Backyard?

CONTACT NAME: Karen Player

PHONE: 0407976892




There are also on Demand session available below. There is something for everyone.

Focus on Frogs

Australia is home to about 240 species of native Amphibians, all of which are frogs. In urban areas, human development has reduced the natural habitat available to frogs. The Focus on Frogs workshop provides information and skills that will enable you and your child to discover what frogs live in your backyard or local area.

Minibeast in your Garden

Minibeasts in your Garden explores the diverse world of minibeasts. Discover why minibeasts are important and learn how find them in your garden or local park. The program will help you to identify common groups of backyard minibeasts and provides information and skills to conduct your own minibeasts investigation.

Australian Animal Adventures

Australian Animal Adventure explores some of the unique animals that are only found in Australia. In this video I share information on some of my favourite Australian Animals with kids across north America.

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