Dinosaur Day 2014

The Australian Museum has been involved in the ClickFest video conferencing festival since it started in 2011 and is proud to be part of this exciting event. ClickFest will be launched with Dinosaur day on 3 November 2014.

Join Winny the Australian Museum’s Muttaburrasaurs as she opens ClickFest and Dinosaur day.

winny roar

Dinosaur Day – Meet Winny

Time: 10:00

The Australian Museum launches the 2014 Dinosaur Day with Winny our Muttaburrasaurs. Come along to meet Winny to learn more about Australian Dinosaurs. Winny Saurs is a life size Muttaburrasaurs dinosaur puppet and she takes you on a journey to explore her world. You will be transported back 100 million years into Cretaceous and discover what life was really like for the dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Day – Fascinating Fossils

Time: 13:00

Fossils are fascinating reminders of life in ancient times and provide a window into the past. They can also reveal an amazing amount of information about extinct species and the ancient world. Step inside the shoes of a palaeontologist to use fossil material and modern animals to reconstruct some extinct Australian animals.


Further Information: See the Australian Museum website for extra resources.


These sessions are being hosted by the Distance and Rural Technologies (DART). DART connections help us by providing a booking system, technical support and marketing to teachers.

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