ClickFest 2022

ClickFest 2022 is on between 7 – 25 November. ClickFest is an annual virtual excursions festival highlighting the diversity and scope of virtual excursions available to schools across Australia. Sessions are delivered free or at reduced cost to schools, providing a great opportunity for teachers to give it a go.

The FREE ClickFest Showcases are a great opportunity for everyone to give it a go. There are 4 x 25 minutes sessions on the following timetable, stay for one session or stay for them all!

Monday 14 November

  • 1.00pm: Curtis the Cry Baby – Toonworld
  • 1.30pm: Yarn with Aunty Kim – Sydney Olympic Park
  • 2.00pm: Growing up in the Past – Sydney Living Museums
  • 2.30pm: Science Blast – Fizzics Education

Friday 25 November

  • 1.00pm: Daisy The Eco Warrior – Toonworld
  • 1.30pm: Earthquakes – Geoscience Australia
  • 2.00pm: The Last Bushranger – Sydney Living Museum
  • 2.30pm: What’s in your Backyard – Australian Environmental Education

It is available to all schools, home schools, students, parents and all, Australia wide and beyond.