Virtual Excursions Australia was founded at the 2012 QUESTnet conference in Cairns by Stephen Bancroft, Ben Newsome and Karen Player. We wanted a place where content providers could learn about the importance of video conferencing. The portal provided an opportunity to also promote the amazing organisation across Australia enabling distance learning.

Exploring the Badu wetlands with ‘Park Live’. ©Sydney Olympic Park

The Virtual Excursions Australia website is a video conferencing portal where you can find out about Australian virtual excursion content providers and links to Australian and international booking systems. Find out about upcoming events and opportunities to collaborate with organisations across Australia and around the world.

The Virtual Excursions Australia group is made up of organisations from across Australia including:

  •          Museums
  •          Libraries
  •          Botanic Gardens
  •          Aquariums
  •          Universities
  •          Education companies
  •          Science groups

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