SciFest 2021 YouTube

Thank you for being part of SciFest 2021. We had over 25 events from 10 content providers for students across Australia. If you missed out this year we have recording from the highlight sessions below.

 Number of total bookings = 1500

Number of unique bookings = 870

Number of students = 67000

Attendance = 36000

SciFest website view = 22500

SciFest 2021: In their Element

Bring the periodic table to life in this interactive online lesson. Students see real samples of common elements, learn about their history, properties and uses, and find out how the periodic table was developed during the 19th century. Students review atomic structure, elements and the organisation of today’s periodic table, before exploring modern uses of elements and STEM careers during a Q&A session with a scientist.

SciFest 2021: Backyard Biodiversity

Join Karen from Australian Environmental Education to talk about Backyard Biodiversity. Discover some of the amazing animals living in your local area. Students will look at local animals and find out what they can do to protect them.

SciFest 2021: Food Science Show

Designed for the 2021 National Science Week theme which is Food: Different by Design

  • What is molecular gastronomy and how is used in modern food design?
  • Just how much energy is food – let’s release it with fire!
  • How is food preserved and why don’t we notice some preservatives when we eat it?
  • How can we tell that there are nutrients in food?

SciFest 2021: Fuels, Forces and Flight

Have you ever wondered how planes fly? Street Science invites you to explore the forces associated with flight, rocketry and fuels!

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