Videoconferencing at the Powerhouse Museum

2014 is set up to be an exciting year for videoconferencing at the Powerhouse Museum! We are launching a whole new suite of regular programs starting Friday February 14th. Book your Powerhouse Museum virtual excursion on the DART Connections website.


Here’s a snapshot of what the Powerhouse Museum has to offer:


For Good Measure: Fun with measurement and standards


What do ‘Peter Piper’ and ‘Jack and Jill’ nursery rhymes have to do with maths and measurement?

What are gills, bushels, pecks and the smoot? Find out in this special hands-on maths video conference! JoinPowerhouseMuseum Curator Matthew Connell on this mathematic adventure which includes access to the measurement collection usually kept locked away from the public. Students interact throughout the session with fun hands-on activities in your classroom. Get your students experimenting with measurement and mathematics!



Sustainable Solutions Workshop


Put on your eco-designer thinking caps and take part in this hands-on workshop! 

Learn about ecological footprints, what it means to be sustainable and how to think sustainably using the 6 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Refuse and Rethink. Get creative and get your hands dirty — students make their own creation using an eco-friendly, sustainable material.

 Dart image making bioplastic


Babbage & his Difference Engine


Celebrate International Pi Day with an exciting session on the inventor of the computer, Charles Babbage! 

Powerhouse Museum’s Principal Curator, Matthew Connell, introduces students to one of the first computing machines ever invented, the Babbage Difference Engine No. 1.


Transport: Past & Present (Available from May 9)


A unique character-guided tour through Sydney’s transport history and future options. Using objects from our PowerhouseMuseum collection as well as archival images and footage, students will be transported back in time in this engaging and interactive program.



Visit the PowerhouseMuseum’s page on DART Connections website to book a session and for full details of upcoming sessions.


If you would like to participate in a session on another time that is not listed, or have any other questions, pleaseemail

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