Sydney Olympic Park online in 2020

The education team at Sydney Olympic Park authority jumped into online delivery of their programs this year, with great results.

Field Based Virtual Excursions

Virtual Excursions exploring the Badu wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park have enabled students to experience a fieldwork session without leaving the classroom. Having these excursion available as live online sessions has also opened up their audience to schools that haven’t been able to attend onsite due to distance.

During the year 105 kindy to year 12 classes were delivered online, totalling 3150 students.

YES Live Events

In 2020 the Youth Eco Summit (YES) went virtual. The primary school program had a wide range of presenters delivering workshop or large scale shows. This program also involved upskills presenters creating new content providers for the future. The primary and secondary events were a great success and had 1560 students across both events.

MURAMA Youth Event

Murama Indigenous Youth Summit is a resilience-based cultural intervention program which is based on the strengths of Aboriginal culture that aims to heal our communities. The program focuses on belonging, kinship and traditional values as the stepping stones in a right of passage to reweave the cultural connectedness between individuals, families, and the community.

This year the event was delivered differently. 450 students from 15 schools participate in online workshops and 100 students in the the Murama Youth event.

Operation Art

The Operation Art Exhibition was on display in the Armory Gallery at Sydney Olympic Park.

This year they offered virtual art-making lessons to class groups of primary school across NSW. Students were taken on a virtual tour of the exhibition through the eyes of the camera and then participated in an interactive art-making lesson with artist and teacher, Trevor McDonald. 21 classes participated in the online programs reaching 630 students.

Utilising digital technology allowed these wonderful programs to still go ahead in 2020 reaching almost 6000 students. It has been a very challenging year for students, teachers and education organisations and virtual excursions have enable us all to stay connected.

Due to the success of these engaging programs the team at Sydney Olympic Park Authority will continue to offer virtual excursions in 2021.

The Sydney Olympic Park Education team offer their K-12 Geography, Science & History LIVE Virtual Excursion Experiences. These unique K-12 syllabus linked Geography, Science and History Virtual Excursions are hosted live on site in the inter-tidal wetlands and in the Sydney Olympic Park urban centre.

The duration is 2 hours for years 7-12 and 45-60 minutes for K-6 programs. They can also customise a program to suit your students needs. Visit their website to see the full suite of programs on offer at Sydney Olympic Park for 2021.

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