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Science Show with Ruben Meerman

Science Show with Ruben Meerman

Calling NSW rural and regional schools to join us for this exclusive opportunity to keep up the scientific fun even after National Science Week!  

Enjoy a science show presented by Ruben Meerman, ABC’s Surfing Scientist as a part of this year’s Ultimo Science Festival.

His awesome performance covers all kinds of science and uses the amazing effects of liquid nitrogen in combination with more ordinary materials to demonstrate scientific phenomena we experience every day. Students are always mesmerised by bubbling beakers, fizzing fluids and spooky fog … while learning real science.

Ruben’s energetic style, clear explanations and playful humour are so entertaining yet at the same time he can ignite people’s natural curiosity … while blasting outdated “scientist” stereotypes right out of the water!

The Surfing Scientist, Ruben Meerman, has been promoting science on television, radio, at public events and in schools for more than fifteen years. He has appeared on ABC television programs including Catalyst, Sleek Geeks, Studio 3, Roller Coaster, The Experimentals and as the resident scientist on Play School.

Ruben will be available to answer questions after the show so come prepared to pick his brain!

When: Wednesday September 3

Time: 10am-11am

Cost: $60 per class

Ages: Stages 2-3, Years 3-6


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