Pirate School goes online

Avast! Me hearties,

Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting a Pirate School for young pirate recruits. Learn how to become a pirate with the museum’s own resident pirate Grognose Johnny – he’s even set some homework activities for the young sea squirts!

Learn about sailor superstitions, listen to a sea shanty and complete the other fun activities including creating your own pirate story, pirate play, word games, puzzle and explore a treasure map!

Online Learning Resources

Explore our newly developed series of online resources for students, teachers and parents, to help guide students’ learning while they’re away from the classroom. With subjects suitable for Early, Primary and Secondary learners, these resources have been created to engage students and guide further activity on the topics.   

We will be continually adding to this page in the coming months as we create more immersive learning opportunities for students at home.

Explore the Museum’s Learn from home page 

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