Slime Day Video Conference

We encounter Slime in our environment everyday. Some animals use slime for movement, others for protection, to catch food and to keep their skin hydrated. You will be amazed about the variety of animals that need slime to survive. We all know about snails and slugs, but have you heard of slime moulds?

Slime Mould


Have a look at the Hagfish one of the slimiest animals of the all

We are running video conferences for schools for Slime Day on April 9 2013. Join the Australian Museum to explore slime made by animals. You could try some kitchen chemistry to find out how you can make slime. Join Fizzics Education as they investigate the chemical properties of different slime. You can also take a journey into our waterways with Professor Pufferfish to explore the role we play in the future sustainability of marine environment in Slime doesn’t pay!

What are you going to do for Slime Day on April 9 2013?