SciFest 2021: Trivia nights

SciFest Trivia is fun for the whole family. Can you name all the planets of the solar system in order? Do you know which vital gas your heart pumps around your body? Have you always wanted to test your science knowledge against other kids around Australia or your family?

Test your family’s scientific knowledge in this free, online trivia event hosted by Virtual Excursions Australia and compete against other families across the country.


Team up with friends and join our online Science Trivia competition for kids.

Kids excited around computer

Monday 16 August: 6pm – 7pm

Ages: 8 – 16

Duration: 60 mins


Enjoyable for all generations and kids of all ages – join our online Science Trivia competition for families. Join our online Science Trivia competition for families.

Family around a computer

Friday 27 August: 7pm – 8.30pm

For families with kids of all ages

Duration: 90 mins

For the best experience, we recommend having two devices: one for joining the webinar (a laptop or computer) and another for answering questions (a phone or tablet). If you only have a single device, not to worry, you can still join in on the fun! Simply switch between the Zoom Webinar and the Kahoot! windows during the session.

Brought to you by the Sydney Science Trail

After School Programs

We have some great after school programs to support your kids learning during National Science Week. Fizzics Education and Australian Environmental Education are delivering FREE online sessions.

SciFest 2021

After School Science Show – 16 – 19 August at 4pm

Food Science Show

Delving into food chemistry is designed by Fizzics Education for the 2021 National Science Week theme which is Food: Different by Design. This fun science show makes food science visible and memorable.

  • What is molecular gastronomy and how is used in modern food design?
  • Just how much energy is food – let’s release it with fire!
  • How is food preserved and why don’t we notice some preservatives when we eat it?
  • How can we tell that there are nutrients in food?
  • Making healthy choices in our diet

Backyard Biodiversity

Join Karen from Australian Environmental Education to talk about Backyard Biodiversity. Discover some of the amazing animals living in your local area and find out what you can do to protect them. Live Insects and a Live Green Tree Frog with join Karen during this event.

  • Classification: Living Things: Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Arthropods
  • Identification: Common groups Animals and Invertebrates, Habitats and Comparing features
  • Hands on investigation: Field works practices, Applying geographical tools and Observation
  • Sustainability: Protecting habitats and Saving species

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