Free virtual excursions this November

Virtual Excursions Australia has a range of FREE virtual excursions on offer between 1 – 26 November. ClickFest is an annual virtual excursions festival run in November highlighting the diversity and scope of virtual excursions available to students across Australia.

There are live, interactive and engaging virtual excursions from some of Australia’s best online content providers. Topics and programs will vary over the virtual excursions festival to provide flexibility for teachers and students. There is something to suit everyone this November.

ClickFest 2021 enables learners from across Australia to have access to high quality innovative educational content.

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Children’s Week

Virtual Excursions Australia has a range of FREE programs for Children’s Week 2021. Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood.

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Natural Disasters

A hands-on science workshop where we investigate all manner of natural disasters and the science behind them.

Under the Sea

Take a journey beneath the waves to explore Australia’s amazing marine life. Discover different marine habitats and the animals that live there. 

Liquid Nitrogen Show

A “super cool” science show where we freeze things, explode things and explore just what happens when objects are rapidly cooled or heated.

Fascinating Frogs

Did you know that there are 240 species of frogs found across Australia? Find out how you can identify the frogs in your local area.

Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood.

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School Holiday Programs

There are a great range of online programs to keep your kids engaged this school holidays. There are FREE and small charged sessions available from some of the great Virtual Excursions Australia content providers.

There is something for everyone

FREE YouTube LIVE events

From backyards to bushland there is a variety of animals living near you. Learn to identify animals from the clues that they leave behind and discover the diversity of animals in your local area. Children will the meet live Stick Insects and a live Green Tree Frog

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Tuesday 21 Sept 2021 at 9.30am:

Tuesday 28 Sept 2021 at 9.30am:

Join the Royal Botanic Gardens on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school holidays from 10 am AEST for a spectacular YouTube Live Stream sessions. In these virtual sessions, kids will work with a Gardens educator to discover Indigenous foods, native bees, gardening at home and more. Make sure to join in on the fun on the day.

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State Library of NSW

State Library of NSW has a great range of programs available for the next school holidays. The Kids at the Library and Storytime series are great programs to keep you entertained and stay connected with the library.

SciFest 2021 videos

If you missed out on SciFest 2021, we have recording from the highlight sessions. Join ANSTO to learn about the Periodic Table. Karen from Australian Environmental Education will explore your Backyard Biodiversity. Fizzics Education and Street Science will bring some great science experiments into your home these school holidays.

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ACMI school holiday animation challenge

Attention young animators. ACMI is challenging you to create a short animation in any style you wish. In creating your animation, you need to refer — in any way you like — to ‘spring’.

Greater Sydney Parklands

Bush School is a nature play program that combines storytelling, nature based activities, and nature games. Bring the park to you with experienced Educators this school holidays. Live sessions online provide fun and educational activities for the whole family to try in your own backyard.

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Fizzics Education

Fizzic Education has 150 Science Experiments online for FREE. Science experiments and project ideas using simple, low cost materials that teach science easily. They also have some online school holiday programs.

Liquid Nitrogen Holiday Show

Monday 20 September at 10:00am AEST

Crazy Cool Chemistry:

Tuesday 28 September at 1.00pm AEST

SciFam Trivia

Test your family’s scientific knowledge in this online trivia event hosted by Fizzics Education and compete against other families across the country. Enjoyable for all generations and kids of all ages.


Are you ready to Go DRAWING MAD This school Holidays! “It’s the most fun your kids can have sitting down without you being there!” Calling all young artists to Toonworld! Join us this holidays and help Tooney and defend the Toonworld!

Go drawing made program image

Our cartooning journey will be filled with drawing challenges where you will meet fun characters and we will design our own wonderful heroes while defending the lands against the evil Rubbix and his rampaging stickmen army! 

Monday September 27th: 2:00pm to 3:00pm – $20

Friday October 1st: 2:00pm to 3:00pm – $20 or $30 for both sessions

Perfect for Ages 5-10 Invite your Friends!!

After School Programs

We have some great after school programs to support your kids learning during National Science Week. Fizzics Education and Australian Environmental Education are delivering FREE online sessions.

SciFest 2021

After School Science Show – 16 – 19 August at 4pm

Food Science Show

Delving into food chemistry is designed by Fizzics Education for the 2021 National Science Week theme which is Food: Different by Design. This fun science show makes food science visible and memorable.

  • What is molecular gastronomy and how is used in modern food design?
  • Just how much energy is food – let’s release it with fire!
  • How is food preserved and why don’t we notice some preservatives when we eat it?
  • How can we tell that there are nutrients in food?
  • Making healthy choices in our diet

Backyard Biodiversity

Join Karen from Australian Environmental Education to talk about Backyard Biodiversity. Discover some of the amazing animals living in your local area and find out what you can do to protect them. Live Insects and a Live Green Tree Frog with join Karen during this event.

  • Classification: Living Things: Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Arthropods
  • Identification: Common groups Animals and Invertebrates, Habitats and Comparing features
  • Hands on investigation: Field works practices, Applying geographical tools and Observation
  • Sustainability: Protecting habitats and Saving species

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Online Learning resources

We have created a list of Australian education providers and websites that have great online learning resources. There are some great options to help your students and kids in class or at home.

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ABC Education

ABC Education brings you thousands of free, curriculum-linked resources for Primary and Secondary students and teachers.

ABC TV Education broadcasts two hours of dedicated education programming for school aged viewers nationwide each weekday from 10am – 3pm on ABC ME.

Live Streams

Sea EagleCAM is a live remote feed operating out of the BirdLife Discovery Centre in the Armory at Sydney Olympic Park close to the Parramatta River.

Taronga Zoo Sydney has set up 24/7 live-streaming cameras at so you can enjoy your favourite animals at any time of day.

Get up close with our animals from the comfort of your own home and discover more about WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo by watching our live streams below.

Virtual Tours

Australian Museum

Australian Museum - Wikipedia
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Australian National Maritime Museum – Virtual Endeavour

Great Barrier Reef

Macquarie Island Research Station

Melbourne Museum

Queensland Museum

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

State Library of NSW

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Observatory

Find more virtual tours with Google Arts and Culture

Online resources

Fizzic Education has 150 Science Experiments online for FREE. Science experiments and project ideas using simple, low cost materials that teach science easily.

Australian Environmental Education has FREE Earth and Environmental Science resources with simple information and ideas.