Coastcare Week 2021

Coastcare Week 2021 is about discovering what you can do to help protect our coasts and marine environments. Virtual Excursions Australia has a range of FREE programs to provide learners access to educational content to achieve this goal.

Where the rivers meet the sea

Explore of the interactions between the land and sea. Eighty-five percent of Australians live within 50km of the coast. This session looks at the waste that washes downstream in our catchments, the impacts it has on our estuaries, wetlands and coastal areas where the rivers meets the sea.

Mangroves on Georges River Sydney

Deep Blue Oceans

Dive into the science of the sea with Fizzics Education. Explore the physical factors that determine life underwater and along our coastlines.

Amanda scuba diving

Marine Life

Take a journey beneath the waves with Karen from Australian Environmental Education to explore Australia’s amazing marine life. Discover different marine habitats and the animals that live there.

Clockwise: male White’s seahorse, stars and stripes puffer, mourning cuttlefish and common stingaree
© John Turnbull

How to conduct a beach survey

Recognise Coastcare Week by learning how you can conduct a beach survey. Our coasts are impacted by our actions on land. Rubbish and microplastics can be found washed up on almost every Australian beach. Join Karen from Australian Environmental Education to learn more about micro plastics and how to conduct a beach survey.

Detail of hands holding colander with microplastics on the beach

Coastcare Week is about working together to care for our coastal and marine environments. Find out more about the Impacts on plastics in our oceans.

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