DART Learning

DART Learning is an initiative of the New South Wales Department of Education, facilitated through the Distance And Rural Technologies (DART) team. DART Learning is a service provided by the NSW Department of Education as part of the Digital Education Solutions, Educational Standards Learning Improvement Directorate.

For nearly two decades, we have been collaborating with content providers (museums, galleries, research institutes, scientists, writers, athletes, artists, educational organisations, musicians, zoos and experts) to offer teachers, parents and student’s incredible educational virtual excursions.

We believe every student deserves access to the rich array of learning experiences found in museums, zoos, science centres and other institutions around the world igniting a lifelong passion for learning.

DART Learning for Teachers/Parents/Students

  • Gain access to over 3500 virtual excursions and 150 content providers all on one searchable website.
  • Find new virtual excursions and new content providers that are added regularly
  • Save time with customisable searches by subject, years, strands, sub-strands, special filters and school calendar of events allowing you to find multiple events from a diverse variety of content providers.
  • Your DART Learning website experience is personalised by the preferences you select.

DART Learning for Content Providers

  • DART Learning’s goal is to help find an audience for your virtual excursions.
  • DART Learning is a reliable resource for finding curriculum enriching, engaging, and interactive virtual excursions for teachers, students and parents our experienced team is ready to assist you with digital online production, marketing, and quality assurance across your virtual excursion listings
  • the DART Learning website:
    • Is designed to provide a uniform interface and is structured to be friendly and easy to use
    • Makes it easy for you to link to the NSW syllabus
    • Allows for collaboration across multiple content providers to deliver high quality experiences
    • Offers an integrated booking system that is easy to use and provides you with extensive data analysis. Alternatively, you can use your own, it’s your choi