What equipment do I need to participate in a virtual excursion ?

To experience a virtual excursions from one of our providers, you will be required to own and know howto operate a H.323 compatible video conferencing unit. These units are built by manufacturers such as CISCO and Polycom.

How to I make a booking ?

You can book a virtual excursion through any of the booking hubs. However VEA recommends that you use DART Connections. If you are a New South Wales public school then you must use DART Connections as there are technical restrictions in place.

How do I prepare for a virtual excursion?

What are the costs?

Aside from the initial start up costs for the purchase of a video conferencing unit, the costs for each excursion events will vary. Some events are even free!

What can I expect from a virtual excursion?

How do I become a paid VEA subscriber ?

Simply email your expression of interest to virtualexcursionsaustralia@gmail.com and we can send you all the details. Subscription is open to any organisation that hosts and conducts education events via and video streaming technology.

How do I post and article to the VEA blog?

To write an article you need to be a paid VEA subscriber. Become a subscriber by contacting us at our email address virtualexcursionsaustralia@gmail.com  Once you are a subscriber you simply follow the instructions in this video;