Ecolinc Science & Technology Innovations Centre

Ecolinc Science and Technology Innovations Centre provides exciting virtual excursions on a range of environmental education content called STEMlinc.  Aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, these video conferences provide interactive, engaging and rich learning experiences for Victorian school students.  As one of six DET specialist centres, Ecolinc has developed a strong reputation in providing innovative and imaginative virtual learning experiences for students from Prep to Year 12.

STEMlinc Video Conferences: Ecolinc Science & Technology Innovations Centre

Contact person:               Jo Tate

Phone:                                  0353 670171



Duration:                             1 hour

Target Audience:            See individual video conference descriptions

Cost:                                      Free for Victorian government primary and secondary schools

Bookings:                            For dates and times, click on link within individual video conference descriptions

All STEMlinc VC’s are linked to the Victorian Curriculum.