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Toonworld Education empowers school children all over Australia with its creative and engaging programs that improve their literacy & bolster their confidence and creativity. It’s all an exciting adventure so come along!

Toonworld Education specializes in creating and delivering kids Cartooning, Model making and animation workshops Australia Wide. “We Empower Children through Creativity where there are no mistakes! Creativity is self-expression and therefore a form of communication it should be something that is central to the lives of children

The vision of Toonworld Education is simple we Encourage, Empower, Educate and Entertain kids through interactive workshops that are both fun and creative. These workshops are designed to improve communication and literacy while channeling creativity and imagination.”



Our online cartooning journey will be filled with drawing challenges where you will meet fun characters and we will design our own wonderful heroes while defending the lands against the evil Rubbix and his rampaging stickmen army! 

“It’s the most fun your kids can have sitting down without you being there!” 


Michelangelo’s David wasn’t built in a day but with Toonworld’s new “hands-on” model-making workshop Creaturetoons the children can create a Dinosaur or even Caesars Rome in less than an hour! Creaturetoons will have the children captivated for hours long after we have gone and then an opportunity to marvel at their work in their bedrooms.

Materials to be delivered to classrooms.


Toonworld invites you to the wonderful world of Stop Motion Animation. In this Simple and Exciting workshop we learn the simple hints and tips on how to Animate effectively & each child will get to construct their own cool clay characters that they can take home and make their own movies!

Checkout our Youtube Channel link to see the AWESOME movies made so far!

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“Toonworld Animation well engaged with all students. It was a very interactive and fun time for the students at different grades.” Eunice – Redfield College NSW

” If you were thinking of teaching your students how to create animations, then I would highly recommend that you use Toonworld to introduce the concept to your students” Debbie Riddle – Year 3 coordinator Christian College Junior School  VIC

“You were great and the kids enjoyed this experience. Children were able to gain confidence skills by drawing as “Everything is Perfect” And there are no “Mistakes” Mike was also very good with the children. Thank you”  Holsworthy Primary School NSW

“The ToonWorld incursion was excellent value for money and totally engaging for all the children.” Doncaster Secondary College VIC

“The Toonworld incursion was fantastic today! All the students from Foundation to Grade 6 were highly engaged and couldn’t wait to draw more cartoons. Thank you and I would definitely recommend to others.” Simone Struwig  Kinglake West Primary School WA

Toonworld Education also customise classes for special needs too

“The kids had fun and learnt to draw easy cartoons that were not complicated and easy to follow.” Karen Klarnett  –

“Everybody thought you were great and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop we would love to have you back.”  Sam – Starlight Children’s Foundation NSW

“Toonworld Helped create superheroes with our kids which they turned into a book Fantastic concept!” Monique – Mosman School For Deaf Children WA

“We have the Toonworld team come to our school and our students are involved in hands on animation workshops with them. These animation workshops are so beneficial and we use them as a catalyst for our animation program. The students learn how to create characters, settings and scripts. They have the opportunity to record their animation using the provided iPads and then at the end of the day showcase all of their work to their families. If you were thinking of teaching your students how to create animations, then I would highly recommend that you use Toonworlds to introduce the concept to your students.” Debbie Riddle, Year 3 Co-ordinator – Christian College Junior School Geelong