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May 30

NAIDOC Week 2017

This year the theme for NAIDOC 2017 is ‘Our Languages Matter’ focusing on the importance, richness and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages. Before European settlement there were over 250 unique Aboriginal Language groups with over 600 dialects. Today only around 120 of those languages are still spoken and many are at risk …

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Nov 21

MARS ONE – A One Way Ticket To Mars

Meet Some Australian Mars One Candidates HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT MARS ONE — the ambitious project that is under way to send the first humans to Mars? The plan is to send 4 people (2 women and 2 men) in 2024 — and it’s one way! They won’t be coming back. They will be Martians. …

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Sep 19

WORLD SPACE WEEK: Meet the Mars robots

Join the Mars Lab team at the Powerhouse Museum and meet the Mars Lab’s robotic experimental Mars rovers. See these impressive robots in action on the Museum’s re-creation of the surface of Mars and find out why robots are used in space exploration. Then, have your students try their hand at driving the Mars Lab’s …

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Sep 19

WORLD SPACE WEEK: Mars Mission 5

TAKE YOUR STUDENTS ON A MISSION TO MARS! In this exciting 2 PART virtual excursion workshop, your students get the unique opportunity to drive a robotic rover via a web browser from your classroom across the Mars Yard (a re-creation of the surface of Mars) located at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Led by the …

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Aug 27

Meet NASA’S Dr Abigail Allwood

Australian NASA scientist Dr Abigail Allwood is now one of 7 principal science investigators in NASA’s next mission to the red planet … the 2020 Mars mission. Abby is the first woman and first Australian to be given the prestigious role. Abby is a field geologist with a strong interest in the oldest record of …

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Aug 18

Powerhouse Museum Special Videoconferencing Event

A special opportunity for NSW rural and regional schools to enjoy a science show presented by Ruben Meerman, ABC’s Surfing Scientist.

May 07

Meet Jennifer Griffes Shechet

Meet Jennifer Griffes Shechet – Earth and planetary scientist on the Mars Curiosity Rover team.  Joining California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2008 as a research assistant in planetary geology, Jennifer now works in operations for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity rover. She was previously involved in the analysis of the potential Curiosity landing …

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Mar 11

Powerhouse Museum and Vandi Tompkins

On the morning of Thursday 27 February, the Powerhouse Museum’s Mars Lab team linked up with eight Australian high schools and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to speak with Vandi Tompkins, driver of the Mars rover Curiosity. There was quite a bit of excitement around this event. The Minister assisting the Premier on Western …

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Feb 07

Videoconferencing at the Powerhouse Museum

2014 is set up to be an exciting year for videoconferencing at the Powerhouse Museum! We are launching a whole new suite of regular programs starting Friday February 14th. Book your Powerhouse Museum virtual excursion on the DART Connections website.   Here’s a snapshot of what the Powerhouse Museum has to offer:   For Good Measure: …

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Nov 14

Tandberg URI Dialing

Recently I had some fun and games with our two Tandberg Video Conference units at the Powerhouse. It had been report to me that it was not possible to dial into any VMR’s (Virtual Meeting Rooms), DARTs VMR’s included. To dial into a VMR it is necessary to use what is known as a ‘URI …

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