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Sep 13

What technology should I use?

In the last Virtual Excursion Australia meeting we were discussing what type of system or technology should I use to deliver virtual excursions? The answers were varied and depend on what was being delivered, talking head presentation or multiple camera production. Where the audience was also a consideration as it determined what technology the content was …

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Apr 15

Top tips for teaching via video conference

There are so many ways you can use video conferencing to discover new educational opportunities, from visiting world-class museums and zoos to diving on the coral reef! Still, often as a teacher you get your training on how to use the newly installed VC system and then you’re left to your own devices to work …

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May 25

What is a Tricaster ?

Put simply a Tricaster is a TV studio in a computer designed and built by Newtek. If used properly it has the power to transform your basic video conferencing event into an all singing and all dancing, high quality broadcast event.. Combining a Tricaster into what would otherwise be a standard v/c event enables you …

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Apr 13

Zoom Video Conferencing

Recently there has been a bit of excitement in our community regarding using Zoom Video Conferencing as a gateway to reach potential audience that may not have invested in a full suite of Standard Based (H.323) v/c kit. Think of Zoom as Skype on steroids! You can set up a meeting, invite guests, and have them connect …

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Mar 23

Dialling H.323 from a mobile device.

Ever wanted to join in a video conference (H.323) from a your phone or tablet? Well it is possible. Start by installing the Polycom RealPresence application for Android or iPhone. Start the application and you should be greeted with a screen similar to this. I am using Android 4.4.4 so your screen may look a …

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Feb 09

Get roving video conference robots at your school or museum!

There has been much talk around the video conferencing robot at the National Museum of Australia. Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, the telepresence robot roving the NMA’s floors has allowed multiple remote schools and libraries to simultaneously connect to an onsite educator to ask questions …

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Dec 04

Becoming a content provider

At the last Virtual Excursions Australia meeting discussions came back to some of the fundamental questions about becoming a content provider. What equipment do I use? Should we charge for our sessions? How much should we charge? How can I make sure my sessions interactive? How many students or classes can be involved in a …

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Oct 09

Video Conference Checklist

Setting up and checking your video conference equipment can be daunting at first, it becomes especially troublesome if nasty gremlins sneak in during an event. Stephen Bancroft from the Powerhouse Museum takes a look at how they have prevented technical glitches and dramatically reduced the occurrence of ‘in call’ technical problems using a video conference checklist.

Nov 14

Tandberg URI Dialing

Recently I had some fun and games with our two Tandberg Video Conference units at the Powerhouse. It had been report to me that it was not possible to dial into any VMR’s (Virtual Meeting Rooms), DARTs VMR’s included. To dial into a VMR it is necessary to use what is known as a ‘URI …

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